I use the general sling/mof method that looks to capitalise on building momentum. The key aspects of this are to use ema's to identify price critical areas. Stochastics are then used to indicate the momentum build up on different timeframes so that entry points can be determined that will offer very low risk to reward ratios. Stop losses are rarely set higher than 8 pips. Losses do of course occur but as the saying goes, 'winners should take care of the losers' and this strategy does that perfectly.

Anybody who has studied mofs and slings will notice some added features that work for me - these are listed below.

Bollinger bands: 9 - 0.9


21 SMA - these two are critical (see Josh Lukeman's book)

Longer term EMA

Longer term EMA

21,10,4  Stochastic - lower window

5,2,2 Stochastic - lower window (more reactive)

Ichimoku Cloud - self explanatory

Forex Strategy - Mofs and Slingshots

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Strategy used

Indicator List

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